Practice Smart contract hacking. (now)

Alain | Web3hackingLabs
2 min readMay 15, 2023


To learn hacking and securing smart contract, you need to practice. But unfortunately, there are a sheer number of resources in the web to learn and master the field of web3 security.

That’s why I’ve created a website which will help you practice smart contract hacking through multiple challenges.

Here is how each challenges work:

  • You need to deploy and “hack” each smart contract. (It works like with Ethernaut)
  • If you can’t find the answer don’t worry, I’ve made a video with detailed answer. (most of the videos aren’t ready yet, but we are working on them)

New functionalities to help your learn faster.

Interacting with blockchain can be somewhat hard, most of the time if you want to hash something or to get a storage slot of a smart contract you need to create a custom JavaScript code which is daunting.

But don’t worry I’ve simplified the process.

For example, for each deployed smart contract challenges you can get any value form the storage directly:

You can hash any string using keccak256 algorithm. (useful for computing signatures)

You can send a transaction, with personalized data :

How to access it ?

I except to add several new challenges every week, right now there are only 10 of them available bellow :)

The website is still in beta, so there may be some bugs, you can indicate them in the comments :)

To access the website, and start hacking for free click here :



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