I’ve created a Solidity Hacking website

I’ve created a website where you can deploy and “hack” fake smart contracts in order to practice legally your EVM hacking skills for FREE. (like a CTF)

You may already know Ethernaut/Capture the ether or Damn vulnerable app which are doing about the “same” job.

Although these websites are doing a great job for teaching EVM security, there are some missing challenges, i would like to add.

So, I’m very happy to announce that I’ve created my own cybersecurity CTF website: ctf.trustchain.agency where you can legally train your EVM cybersecurity skills :)

The website is in beta version.

There are only 5 challenges now but in the next day/weeks I’ll add more of them.

  • Reverse 1 (Challenge about reverse engineering)
  • Reverse 2 (Challenge about reverse engineering)
  • Reverse 3 (Challenge about reverse engineering)
  • Is this Random ?
  • ERC20 Cheating

The smart contract are deployed on Ropsten testnet, but in the coming weeks, I’ll switch to Sepolia or Goerli.

You can start here for free: ctf.trustchain.agency

Write-ups are of course allowed.

Happy hacking :)



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